12. Everything’s Eventual (Novella)

Original publication date: 1997
Included in: Everything’s Eventual (2002)

Similar to his beloved novel The Dead Zone, King’s novella Everything’s Eventual welcomes the shady world of politics into the author’s horror comfort zone. Told in first-person, the story is expressed through the words of a 19-year-old who possesses a unique gift: He’s able to draw weird illustrations that, once sent to a person, make the recipient commit suicide. And, in great “big brother’s watching” fashion, he’s recruited by a secretive group to kill off random targets on the victims’ own suicidal terms.

As Dinky Earshaw, the narrator, learns, though, he’s actually a pawn in a larger plot to eradicate political nuisances, an ulterior motive that he’s not happy about. The script practically writes itself, Hollywood.