Most visually stunning films: The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003), Speed Racer (2008)

We have a confession to make: We kind of love 2008’s universally maligned Speed Racer. In terms of sheer ambition, you have to give it up for Andy and Larry (or is it Lana?) Wachowski, who took a monumental risk and fashioned a family movie to overload one’s eyes with a kaleidoscopic sugar rush of a film. Did it work? Financially, not at all, and, in reality, not even as a cult phenomenon. But there’s no denying that Speed Racer, for all its scorn, is a visual feast.

And that’s all the reclusive Wachowski siblings seem to care about. Their filmography isn’t extensive, but the brothers have cemented their collective legacy as two of Hollywood’s most daring visionaries, an earned reputation both ushered in and solidified with their Matrix trilogy. How many times has their bullet-time technique been mimicked? How many post-Matrix flicks have aped their slow-motion and extravagant action sequences? Too many times, frankly.