1. Mila Kunis

It's undeniable that Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood's hottest actresses right now, so of course it comesas a bit of a shock that she's a full-blown Trekkie. Kunis claims to have watched The Original Series and all of its spin-offs, and she actually gets into arguments with others over which series is the best and why.

The Friends With Benefits star tell stories about her trip to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas, where she knocked back a few cold ones with characters from the Trek universe. Never have we been so jealous of the dude who dresses up as Quark for a living.

Kunis isn’t just some lame celebrity who claims to like this kind of stuff in order to appease the fans (like every actor in a Marvel movie ever)—she's a Trekkie with enough knowledge to put even fluent Klingon speakers to shame.