6. The Lawnmower Massacre in Dead Alive (1992)

Prosthetics/Makeup Supervisor: Marjory Hamlin

Before he stepped foot into The Shire for the Lord Of The Rings movies, and years prior to winning an Academy Award, Peter Jackson was a splatter movie champion. His magnum opus of goo: Dead Alive, Jackson’s third feature film shot in his native country of New Zealand, and one of the ickiest zombie flicks ever made.

Approaching the undead genre with a maniacal glee, Dead Alive sprinkles little bits of nastiness throughout, including one scene where an old woman shoots pus into a man’s custard bowl, which he unknowingly eats, while a decaying lady’s ear falls into her custard—and, yes, she devours it.

Somehow, though, Jackson wasn’t satisfied with making viewers want to vomit in that set-piece, so he saved the bloodiest bits for last. During the film’s climax, a mob of wretched zombies break into a mansion, forcing the hero to eviscerate them all with a lawnmower, which Jackson shows in all of its gruesome glory. Screw the Lord Of The Rings—Jackson deserved some kind of Oscar for Dead Alive. We’d like to see the Coen Brothers match that.