8. “Uncle Frank” in Hellraiser (1987)

Special Makeup Effects Workshop Supervisor: Geoffrey Portass

In Clive Barker stories, nobody dies peacefully. Horror’s foremost purveyor of sexually perverse and eye-gouging butchery, the prolific English author took a stab at directing with 1987’s now-classic Hellraiser, the heartwarming tale of a hot chick who lures dudes into her attic so her dead lover can harvest their blood and please an otherworldly race of demons known as the Cenobites. Yeah, real family fun.

The character of Uncle Frank, the one who needs the harvested blood, sets the film in motion by an ancient puzzle box, summoning fish-hooked chains to pierce into his flesh and pull skin off bone. And the truly sick part: Frank actually likes it, as you can from the above picture. We, on the other hand, want to hurl.

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