Today, November 3rd, horror die-hards should all head to a bar, order a cold pint of brew, and have a toast to one of the genre’s coolest and most generous legends: Tom Savini, who’s celebrating his 65th birthday. Why’s he so cool? Well, for one, he once played a character named Sex Machine (in 1996’s From Dusk Till Dawn). But the Pittsburgh native has also co-starred as less-provocative named folks in a slew of horror classics, including the original Dawn Of The Dead and Creepshow, as well as fan favorites like Martin and Grindhouse.

He's always capable of stealing scenes as an actor, but Savini’s best contribution to the field, which also exemplifies his aforementioned generosity, has been his unbeatable talent as a makeup effects artist. Inspired by the nightmarish slaughter he witnessed as a combat photographer in Vietnam, Savini applied the imagery he retained from the battlefields onto the zombies, corpses, and slain actors he was tasked with touching up for gory staples like Dawn Of The Dead, Creepshow, and Friday The 13th (that’s him working on young Jason Voorhees in the photo above), amongst others.

Without Savini’s gifts, lovers of cinematic blood and guts would have much less to cite as “the greatest,” let alone casually applaud. So, in honor of the man’s born day, we’re counting down The 10 Grossest Makeup Effects In Horror Movies, some of which are Savini’s doing, but all of which are sure to mangle that pit in your stomach.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)