As seen during: Season Seven

Here's one of the most intense fights in Bad Girls Club's history, which is why it's sitting pretty at the No. 2 spot here. First off, it commences with Judi telling the camera, "I'm Jesus, and I will sacrifice my body and my blood to get her out of this house," in reference to Priscilla. And that's bad.

The ordeal continues with Tasha telling Judi that if she goes back to Chicago, she's going to get her "face chopped up," followed by Judi screeching, "Oh my god, she threatened me!" Which is worse.

Then, Priscilla runs over and tells Judi she'll stab her in the throat. That's even worse. Judi proceeds to protect herself with a chair. That doesn't work, so they knuckle up. You know it's bad when networks tint the screen blood red during a fight scene.