Bad Girls Club is one of those elusive reality shows that has been able to remain continuously entertaining despite being on the air for so long This is due in part to the estrogen-heavy program's rotating casts, but also because its producers legitimately know what people want to see: batshit insane girl-on-girl fights.

Jersey Shore is famous because of this, but recently the MTV hit's tension and dramatic values have dropped off considerably. Bad Girl's Club, on the other hand, does not have that problem. And tonight, at 8pm EST on Oxygen, the show's seventh season finale will air, so that's impressive.

In celebration of the series' success, we've put together a list of the 10 Best Fights On Bad Girls Club. It was pretty hard to narrow it down to just ten because of the sheer volume of brawls everyone (doesn't anyone ever get tired?), but for you all, dear readers, we suffered through the process of eliminating until we had only the best. Enjoy.

Written by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)