The age of shitty flipcam concert videos is coming to an end. Smartphones are slowly upgrading their video cameras, so once they figure out how to work an LED light into the mix, the visuals will be set. And with the likes of Tascam’s new iM2 mic now hitting the market, the audio is getting there, too.

The iM2, which slots into an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, comes equipped with built-in condenser mics adjustable over 180-degrees, as well as an analog-to-digital converter. The device’s preamp can also capture up audio of up to 125 decibels without distortion. Priced at only $80, now anyone can really get their own music vlog up-and-running without ever having to pay those exorbitant origination fees. Not to mention, of course, what this kind of thing could do for live mixtapes.

[via Engadget]