San Francisco already has dozens of Wi-Fi hotspots around the city, but soon enough the service will be free on Market Street. The opportunity to have a citywide system was wasted in the past, and this move is part of a plan to resurrect that idea.

The public Wi-Fi zones haven’t gotten much attention because several small areas where it’s available are obviously less noticeable than a system that circulates throughout the city. However, bringing it to a large area like Market Street is sure to raise awareness.

Jon Walton, the city’s acting Chief Information Officer, confirmed that it’s only a matter of time before free Wi-Fi goes public. San Francisco currently offers a basic, open system that doesn’t require accounts or block sites. Walton says that the system is no less secure than any other open signal, but shouldn’t be a security concern because it’s not connected to the city’s network. Lastly, he figures the Market Street project will begin next month and finish in March.

[via SFGate]

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