The good folks at Mashable have crunched the numbers surrounding microblogging network, Tumblr, and made a nifty little—well, actually, it's big—infographic with a lot of interesting stats. The most interesting is the activity of its ever-growing userbase. Tumblr has grown a staggering 900% over the past year and now has 33,313,876 Tumblrs. According to Mashable's findings that growth has been spurred by a small segment of users called "Addicts". This group makes up 2% of the entire base. The other half is made up by "Regulars", people who visit Tumblr between 1 and 30 times per month. 

It was reported earlier this year that Twitter had a similar percentage of users vs. activity. Studies showed that 5% of Twitter's users made up around 75% of all the network's activity. It's safe to say every social network has a subset of members that way more fanatical than the majority of users. That's just the way it is. 

To check out the infographic and peep other interesting stats, head over to Mashable

[Mashable via Business Insider]

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