Just minutes after the conclusion of Canon’s event announcing the C300 in Hollywood yesterday, RED held their own, finally unveiling the oft-delayed “Scarlet X” camera, considered the budget option among the current offerings, including the $60,000 EPIC.

Coming in at $9,750 for the body and a solid state drive—a kit with battery, LCD, and controller will bring it up to around $14,000—the Scarlet X is half the price of the new C300, while also providing a proven track record (with the EPIC) on Hollywood sets, superior specs in shooting 4K RAW, and better upgradeability and compatibility—whether with RED accessories down the line or Canon lenses out-of-the-box—in comparison. The PL mount version is out this month and the Canon mount version next month.

For folks looking to make the jump from DSLRs, the field is finally rich in options, not just pricepoint.

[via Gizmag]