A professor at Washington, D.C.'s George Washington University didn't show up to two courses she was scheduled to teach, so she gave all of her student's A's. Regardless, students wrote angry letters to the provost, complaining about the audacity of their no-show professor to not show up and still give everyone A's. What's their deal, were they just that ungrateful?

Turns out that these were med students, and the "Evidence Based Medicine" classes that the professor never taught were requirements. Med students need to learn how to do things, like save lives, so getting easy A's and skating through med school might not be in their best interest.

WJLA reports that the professor resigned from her position as chair of GWU's physician assistant department. The school is giving her students credit for the class, as well as their money back for not really learning anything other than how to help a department chair bury herself. You know there were people in that class that would've been happy taking the grade and learning nothing, but they're all happy to get that money back.

[via WJLA, Gawker and The Washington Post]

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