Our 44th president was in the land down under visiting high school kids at Campbell High School, when one student named Meg asked him a very interesting political question. "Have you ever thought about teaming up with a high-profile celebrity such as Justin Bieber to appeal to more people?" Barack Obama's response to the 9th and 10th graders who gathered to meet him was smooth as the other side of the pillow: "I interact a lot with celebrities. They end up coming to the White House for a pet cause, or some of them were very supportive of me during my campaign."

Political correctedness aside—wouldn't it be cool if Obama did have a celebrity Coalition of the Willing? Led by Dave Chappelle, Obama could find those with talent and ideas to help put forward initiatives that could help save our feeble economy. But in true Obama fashion, he tells the students, "Hopefully, if I'm going to be successful, it's going to be because of the ideas I put forward and not because I'm hanging out with Justin Bieber — although he is a very nice young man, and I'll tell him you said hi."

This isn't the first time that Obama got a question about Canada's pop idol—and surely won't be the last. Obama and Bieber have met at least once before, when the singer performed at the 2010 White House Easter Egg Roll. Bieber will be performing at "Christmas in Washington," a holiday concert in Washington that is expected to draw the President and the First Lady.

[via Herald Sun]