Today, more than 80 creativists will head to the Gallery1988 studio in Los Angeles to display their latest creative efforts. What can be more creative than the force of excitement known as Bill Murray? Stan or not—you cannot deny the man's cultural influence! From Stripes to Ghostbusters (we know you want to do that third movie), The Man With No Publicist will be celebrated at this week's event gloriously entitled Please Post Bills.

Jeff Boyes and Paul Palcko are just a few of the unique minds who will be displaying their tributes to one of the greatest comedic actors to ever be in front of a camera. We have a few of the pieces for your perusing below, but UpRoxx has the rest in a gallery. In case you're in the area, we have the information for you here:

Show your respect to a true king of comedy and be sure to stay tuned to Complex for more Hyde Park On Hudson news!

[via UpRoxx]