This past week I got in some family time, played records for some incredible crowds, and spoke before a larger live and broadcast audience than I'd experienced to date. Props last Wednesday was as usual, steady and fulla surprises. DJ Scratch came through and gave 'em a taste of what would be in store for them on November 9th, when he came and rocked an all vinyl set alongside myself and DJ Akalepse. Thursday we were back home in Philly at GoodLife with DJ Nikos and Christian James at Flirt. Flirt is a beautiful new space with a tough soundsystem; Nikos and Christian are sitting on a gold mine over there. If you're in Philly and wanna get some house music in your life on a Thursday, I sincerely believe these dudes got what you're looking for. My First Friday monthly residency a Bardot In Miami is in full swing, and myself, DJ Sire Esquire and MoJoFunko rocked to a packed and receptive house last Friday night. Saturday night, Jump N Funk rocked the Brooklyn Museum for their Target First Saturday series, in front of almost 2000 people. Sunday, it was Cosmo Baker at Sundae at Silk City. Monday was a day of study and prep for my first TED speech at TEDxPhilly at Temple University's Performing Arts Center on Tuesday. Got work? Stay busy, and call your moms, she misses you.