Take a look at the image above. Squint, tilt your head and study it as long as you need to. If you look long and hard enough, it kind of looks like two ghosts wildly fornicating. If you let Dianna Carlisle of Euclid, Ohio tell it, that's exactly what's going on, because it took place in her living room.

Between her laughter, Carlisle describes catching two frisky apparitions having sex in her living room. This isn't the type of thing you see everyday, so she had her 4-year-old granddaughter snap a picture of the action with a cell phone. We aren't sure why she would want the little girl to witness this, but she was definitely fearless and a skilled photographer for her age.

This isn't the first time that Carlisle and her family have made contact with the spirit world. While Carlisle is amused by the supernatural activity in her home, her daugher was freaked out by the ghost of a little girl who she claims just stared blankly at her. Carlisle also has a distorted voice mail with the message "I love you," which she insists is from her deceased sister.

If you're a believer, this is some real-life American Horror Story shit, only slightly less disturbing. You can't help but wonder what went on in this haunted house of horny ghosts before Carlisle moved in. It doesn't seem like any of them intended to scare anyone, but these two obviously needed to get it in and didn't care who saw. We guess you don't lose your sex drive when you die.


[via Fox 8]

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