Starting at 7 a.m. on Thursday, Occupy Wall Street will "throw a block party that the 1% will never forget" as it attempts to shut down the New York Stock Exchange in celebration of its two-month anniversary. This is a lofty goal, but after Occupy Oakland shut down the city's port last week, it isn't unreasonable. Regardless, it's going down on November 17th, and neither the NYSE nor the NYPD has anything to say about the matter right now.

Crain's New York Business reports that protesters have joined forces with over a dozen unions to organize what they're calling a "street carnival" to "rebuild and celebrate the neighborhoods that the Wall Street economy has destroyed." That sounds like tons of fun, and it's just part of a day full of planned events such as a rally at Foley Square and a march over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The "People's Bell" will ring loud and clear on Thursday, and we expect numerous arrests before the day is over. It got violent the last time demonstrators decided they wanted to throw a party, and the bar certainly wasn't set as high as it is this time around. 

[via Gothamist and Crain's New York Business]

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