Not everyone loves Halloween, and these East Village cops clearly weren't in the mood last Friday. The incident, which took place in Alphabet City on Avenue A at 6th Street, shows a shiny-headed cop who kind of resembles Hurc from The Wire sending a deadly mist of pepper spray into a crowd of pedestrians. Satisfied with their work, the officers are appear to be leaving, even with the crowd jawing at them.

The officers didn’t take to kindly to some of the comments, as they’re seen getting out of the car again and spraying everyone in sight. It doesn’t end there, as they beat one guy down while the rest of the crowd watches in horror. They were so into it, that they didn’t even realize they were being filmed. Apparently, they didn’t even try to justify any of this with an arrest; they just took out their frustrations and left. To no surprise, the NYPD has yet to comment on the matter, but isn't this just a little brutal? At least Hurc would've made an arrest.

[via Gothamist[