Don't tell any of the people currently occupying Wall Street, but across the pond in the UK a luxury goods company is selling an Apple iPad 2 for $8 million (£5 million). 

The tablet, which is being hawked by luxury specialists Stuart Hughes, is encrusted with a 12.5-carat diamond on the home button and has 53 gems making up the Apple logo in the back. 

But a couple gems and a big-ass diamond does not add up to $8 million. What gives? For starters, the back of the iPad 2 is made from two kilos of 24-carat gold. The rest of the astronomical price comes from the front frame of the tablet which is made from the oldest rock on the planet: Ammolite. 

It doesn't stop there. Pressed into the 75-million-year-old stone are shavings from a T-Rex thigh bone dating back 65 million years. 

What recession? 

[via Yahoo! News UK]