Name: Steve Nash

Team: Suns

Current Rating: 84

Complex Rating: 87

A few years ago, Nash was one of the best point guards in the NBA, good for 10-15 assists and 15-20 points a night. And now, even at age 37, he’s still that good. Thing is, the talent around him has completely degraded. Where once he had Amar’e Stoudemire, he gets - wait for it - Channing Frye. Bouncy Shawn Marion is now aging Grant Hill. And sharpshooting Leandro Barbosa? Well, at least Jared Dudley tries hard. Despite all that, Nash still dropped 14.7 ppg and 11.4 apg. He’s not nearly as flashy as the Rajon Rondos and Chris Pauls of the world, but Nash is still in their class. A 3-point bump. At least. Please.

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