It has been a few years since we set foot into the lovely locale known as San Andreas; 7 years if you want to be exact. That is a long time life, let alone in video game years. Now that we know that we are headed back out West for Grand Theft Auto V, we wondered just how much things had changed in sunny old San Andreas. thanks to a recently made fan video we found on YouTube, we now know the answer.

YouTube user CreativityZone has crafted a neat video using both the recently released trailer for GTA V and stock footage from GTA: San Andreas. In the video above, you can see side by side comparisons of extremely similar locales in both iterations of the series and the visual differences between the two.

Wow, we sure have come a long way in the past 7 years in terms of video game graphics, but you have to admit, the original game doesn’t look all that bad.