Infinity Ward isn’t a stranger to using shocking scenes in their Call of Duty games. Many thought that they wouldn’t be able to outdo their selves after Modern Warfare 2‘s shocking “No Russian” sequence. Well, those people might be rethinking that position when Modern Warfare 3 launches next week.

Footage has leaked to the Internet of a highly controversial scene from the upcoming Modern Warfare 3. This time around, the developers have played things safe and remove any and all interactivity, but the game will clearly depict a young child, along with her family, being blown to smitherines by a car bomb. Activision has been yanking down the footage that has been appearing on the web so we won’t condone the action of leaking it by posting it here, but you get the point.

We could debate all day on whether or not this is really shocking or offensive, but regardless of your position we all know that some community watchdog groups are going to be all over this topic when the game launches next week. We’ve seen worse than this on the evening news, but you know that is some agenda-pushing twist coming to the story in just a matter of days.