Michael Fassbender may be simply killing it in some pretty offbeat flicks like A Dangerous Method and Shame, but right now he is still mostly recognized for his turn as the unhinged mutant dictator Magneto from this summer's superhero blockbuster, X-Men: First Class. His combination of unbridled intensity and genuine emotion added layers of depth to one of the most complicated characters to ever grace a Marvel comic, and longtime X-Men fans have been eagerly awaiting any piece of news regarding a sequel.

In a recent interview with Collider, Fassbender provided us a glimmer of hope that not only is he completely on board for an X-Men sequel, but that he's actually excited to contribute some ideas of his own to the future of the series.

"I’m looking forward to working with all those people again. We had a lot of fun. It was a great cast and a great crew. Hopefully, I’ll get in at ground level and start putting some ideas together myself, with James [McAvoy] and, hopefully, (director) Matthew [Vaughn], and we can see what happens next."

He also has a very interesting idea for the future of Professor X's thick mane of hair, "I’m really interested to see what happens to Charles (James McAvoy), in the next one, and see how he becomes Professor X ‘cause we got to see Erik turn into Magneto, in the first one. It will be interesting to see who shaves Charles’ head. When he’s drunk one night, the mutants will go in there and shave his head and shave off his eyebrows. Maybe."

[via Collider