If Spielberg ever plans to produce Jurassic Park 4, he should enlist the services of the team that built Titanoboa: A 35-foot electro-mechanical snake. Weighing in at a ton, Titanoboa—named after a prehistoric monstrous snake—will soon be able to not only traverse land, but also swim. It will also be 50-feet long when completed. Here's the team has to say about the creation: 

"The Titanoboa project is an exercise in alternative forms of propulsion and power applications in transport.  The purpose is to showcase this experiment by harnessing and enlarging the mesmerizing movement of the snake.  The huge serpent has undeniable appeal as a surreal mechanical beast that moves in a seemingly magical way over land and will glide stealthily through the water.  One or more participants will eventually interact with the piece by riding it or for the more ambitious, driving it.  The complex control needed to properly move hundreds of individual parts will necessitate a skilled operator who has taken time to become at one with the serpent."

You'll also notice a mechanical spider in the video, called Mondo Spider, which is also pretty crazy. The 1700-pound spider is the world's first electric walking vehicle and transport a person around short distances.  Put the two of them together and you'd have an awesome theme park ride. Or, the groundwork for the next sci-fi blockbuster. 

[Titanoboa via Mashable