For two months the world has witness the power of social networking en masse, as the #OccupyWallStreet movement has swept the globe with its message. While there have been dissenting voices in various parts of the country, there hasn't been any real threat to the movement (unless you count the American police). Meet the Tabacco Brothers, Derek and John, respectively, as they have actually taken a stand against the protest with a unique approach.

Mediaite sat down with the dynamic duo of discord, and they elaborated on their issues with the 99-percenters, explained the methodology behind calling themselves "the Wall Street Freedom Fighters," and even extend a helping hand to the #OWS crowd. To be fair, the Tabaccos aren't siding with the few who believe all this is as un-American as terrorist pie. They believe that the middle and low class citizens who have been occupying Zuccotti Park have turned the place into "a burden and an eyesore."

We can already see Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck salivating over the soundbites these two have milling around in their brains. And after the Tabaccos caught the iCameras of both PIX 11 and Fox 5 news crews, we can bet this isn't the last time you'll see those neon green signs that read "Occupy A Desk" and Get A Job." If anything, this is only the beginning.

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[via The Blaze and Mediaite]

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