Jordana Lenz

The only one of these gals who was never actually married to a baseball player, Jordana just dated crazy-ass outfielder Nyjer "Tony Plush" Morgan back in the day. Apparently, her experiences while with him are enough to put her into this little club of "baseball wives," and after reading a bit about it we can't help but agree.

Jordana had it tough when she was with Nyjer. According to her official bio, she's had drinks thrown in her face, countless bloggers labeling her as a "golddigger," and was even turned into somewhat of a social pariah when she was dumped, because all the baseball wifeys turned their backs on her. 

But like a phoenix from the ashes, or something deep like that, she's back and starring in a show about baseball wives despite having never been one. Nyjer may have been the actual baller in their relationship, but Jordana is definitely a figurative one. Get it, girl.