While we reported earlier that David Goyer would be penning the script to Legendary Pictures' remake of Godzilla, The Hollywood Reporter is now saying that Max Borenstein will be taking over the writing duties for this scaly reinterpretation of the classic movie monster.

Borenstein already has a relationship with Legendary after working on a Jimi Hendrix biopic and an adaptation of Joseph Delaney's The Seventh Son for the studio. It isn't known how much, if any, of Goyer's original script will stay intact, but Borenstein seems to be in charge of the writing duties from here on out. 

This remake of Godzilla will be directed by Gareth Edwards, the man behind the indie sci-fi flick, Monsters. Much like District 9 and Cloverfield, Monsters managed to bring an impressive scope and vision to a movie with a modest budget. Legendary is hoping that a little more green and a better script will help Edwards bring Godzilla back to prominence.

[via The Hollywood Reporter

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