After BioWare’s accidental leak of the Mass Effect 3 private beta to the public, details have started seeping out on some of the new features of the upcoming game. The most notable information though pertains to the game’s story mode and just how you will be playing it, or how you won’t. It’s all a matter of perspective.

It appears as if BioWare is going to give players options on how they want to experience the world of Mass Effect 3. There will be 3 different gameplay modes for the campaign portion of the game and each one caters to a different play style which should encompass nearly anyone who touches the game.

There will be an action mode, a story mode, and a full blown RPG mode. The action mode focuses on the action and combat and takes the management of the game’s tory out of your hards. Players won’t be given dialog options in this mode. Story mode works the other side of the fence and lightens up the combat load by decreasing combat difficulty but gives the player full control over the dialog options and story progression in the game. Last, but certainly not least, the RPG mode leaves the Mass Effect experience full intact and challenges players to manage both dialog and combat options at their fullest.

Mass Effect 3 launches on March 6, 2012, how will you play the game?

[via Save and Quit Gaming]