A man who wasn't even a suspect in the investigation of three murders that happened in Yonkers, NY between 1989 and 1996 was convicted for them today, after he voluntarily gave his DNA to police in a bid to gain parole for a drunken driving charge he was in prison for. 

43-year-old Francisco Acevedo was found guilty of the murders of three women, who were all found strangled, naked, and bound at the hands facing upward. A Yonkers cold-case detective told the New York Daily News that police had looked at "'way more than 100' other potential suspects over the years before they found Acevedo’s blood sample."

Acevedo was already in prison on drunk driving charges, and only gave his DNA to police as a condition for an optional parole application.

He faces 75 years to life in prison.

[Via New York Daily News]