Sassy men are wonderful, aren't they? Unconvinced? Watch the above video, where an anonymous man with an abundance of attitude fires off on the cameraman when he is filmed for KRON 4 News People Behaving Badly and receives a $500 for driving dolo in a carpool lane.

Don't be fooled by his cheerful attire. Sassy Elmo-wearing man is sharp-tongued and relentless, lodging countless cruel taunts at the cameraman. Not only does he repeatedly call him "fat ass", he demeans his entire rank in life, slamming him for his presumably low pay scale and calling his camera skills into question. "They got your fat, lazy, non-relevant, non-factor ass filming highway patrol shit.”

Now that's how you insult someone! And, also conversely, how you confirm that you do indeed belong on a show entitled People Behaving Badly. Consider the title well-earned, sir.

[via Mediaite]