There are a lot of privileges that come with flying first class. One liberty that you don't have, however, is the opportunity to watch child porn while flying the friendly skies. A 47-year-old Utah man was busted "viewing pornographic images of children on his laptop computer" while seated in the first-class section of a Delta Airlines flight from Utah to Boston on Saturday afternoon.

If you try to watch kiddie porn on a plane, we can tell you exactly how a disgusting display like that will pan out. First, a passenger warns the crew, then the crew reaches out to Massachusetts State Police. By the time the flight lands, you-the perv-get arrested for possession of child pornography by police. Bail is set at $15,000, and the whole world simultaneously shakes their heads at what a pathetic excuse for a human being you are.

From there, you go to court, where you're at the mercy of a judge. Take a guess on how that's gonna work out. Anyone think this will hurt Ryanair's plan to make porn viewable on flights, via an app?

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