Talk about getting what you paid for, and then some.

A San Jose, CA man recently took his minivan to a mechanic, who discovered $500,000 worth cocaine inside of the door panels. He purchased the vehicle, a 2008 Chrysler minivan, for $14,000 last year and figured it was a steal. Little did he know that he was riding around with half a million dollars inside of his new car.

He noticed the windows wouldn't roll down all the way when he left the lot, but thought nothing of it. It wasn't until August, when the brakes started making strange noises, that he decided to have the car checked out. Eventually, 19 packages of cocaine were found inside of the door panels.

The origin of the coke is still unknown, but the owner of the minivan lives in fear that some cartel is looking for its work. Unless it was to planned hide the stash in the minivan, whoever left it there is probably dead, missing some fingers or lucky they got away. Imagine if that car had been searched by the cops prior to this revelation? Homie would've been finished, and it wouldn't have even been his fault

[via The Los Angeles Times and The Mercury News]

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