WHERE: Le Poisson Rouge
WHEN: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Scratch is my mans and them, fellow cast member and eventual winner on Smirnoff's Master Of The Mix Season 1, and one of the most technically sound DJs you will ever hear in your life. Run tell that. He came into Props last week with 2 flight cases of 12"s and LPs, and two boxes of 45s…and no computer. He then commenced to putting on a clinic on vinyl mastery and what DJing is all about.  We even had a short round robin of backspinning, which for me as a DJ is like shooting jumpers with one of my favorite pro ball players. I'm nice on the wheels, don't get it fucked up, but I'm not a turntablist. Scratch always challenges me to bring that aspect of my game to the fore, and I truly appreciate that because it's one of my means to becoming a far more versatile and aggressive selector. It's also extremely flattering when my homeboys who are also big dogs in the game want to come to our house and get down for the crown with me and Akalepse, and no pop/program director pressure, and no bullshit music. Bless up Scratch, all our guest DJs, LPR, and bless up those who like to groove.