In just the span of a few weeks, Akira has gone from being in development hell to gaining the attention of some of Hollywood’s A-list talent. Now, Twitch is reporting that Twilight star, and all-around polarizing figure, Kristen Stewart has been offered the female role of Kei.

In the original animated Akira, Kei was a young medium who served as the love interest to Kaneda, the role allegedly offered to Garrett Hedlund. Despite the negative press attached to Stewart and the other Twilight stars, there is no denying that she is currently one of the more bankable stars in Hollywood. It's not clear if she will take the role at this point, though.

Stewart joins numerous actors and actresses rumored to play a role in Akira, such as Gary Oldman, Helena Bonham Carter, and Keira Knightley, who might have also been up for the role of Kei.

[via Twitch]

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