Katherine Heigl recently debuted her "I Hate Balls" campaign in a Funny or Die video, which advocates for animal neutering in the most creative way since Bob Barker's signature sign off on The Price is Right.

Rather than urging viewers to get their pets spayed or neutered like Hope did, Heigl takes a humorous approach. "The real reason I'm so pro-neutering is—I hate balls," the actress admits.

In the video, Heigl expresses her disgust for "terrible, terrible testicles", naming the many reasons for her aversion to testicles, which include them being "Muppet like" and that "Hitler...came from them."

But before you get your testes in a twist, remember it's for a good cause (even if her "performance" is strangely believable, a little bit frightening, and makes you cringe a little "down there"). The video truly is to promote the charity she heads with her mother, the Jason Heigl Foundation, an animal welfare charity named after Heigl's brother, who died in a car accident when he was just fifteen-years-old.

To show your hatred of balls support for animals, visit ihateballs.com

[via Film Drunk]