This elaborate display, made up of screen shots from a Facebook profile and iPhone, tells the story of a woman who was caught cheating by her husband. Someone sent the saga of Philip and his loose wife Erin over to Gothamist yesterday morning, sparking a hot debate over whether or not this was some bullshit viral campaign or real-life drama.

The two names (Phil and Erin=philandering) suggest that this might be an advertisement. Ads typically want you to take some type of action-usually with your wallet-so what's being sold here? At the same time, if this was orchestrated by a vengeful husband, the only being advertised is his humiliation. Why would some poor sap take the skeletons that were stuffed in his closet and decorate the walls of the Wall Street subway station with them?

The only thing this arrangement compels you to do is exact revenge on your scunt of a wife with her younger, better looking sister. Phil should take that advice and run with it, and then take some pics. Either way, the New York Times reports that the photos were taken down just before 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon following complaints from customers.

[via Gothamist and the New York Times]

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