You've got two options: promote a casual summer fling to winter-exclusive status, or hunt for a new prospect.


Pros: You already know you're sexually compatible. Why buy a new cow when the milk, uh, gets delivered by reverse cowgirl?

In related news, you're far enough on the sex curve that you can graduate from Missionary 101 to filthier fare like Continental Breakfasts and the Jamaican Accordian.

Cons: What was once exciting twice a week becomes barely tolerable when it's your only option. Just like Thai food!

Winter will be over, but you can't back out so easily. Tail is like concrete: You can write your name on it when it's wet...but you don't wanna get stuck in it.


Pros: Novelty means more sex—and by the time the honeymoon period is over and you sink into bed death, it's spring!

She's still not tired of Billy Madison and bong hits. She even laughs when you tell her conditioner is better. What?! It leaves the hair silky and smooth!

Cons: You've got a new set of friends' names to try to remember—and they're all so alike that you're gonna refer to Kim as Kami and blow your shot at a threesome.

By the time you realize how effed-up this girl is, it's way too cold to option a new draft pick.