HOME 5W33T HOME: The 25 Worst Video Game Cities To Live In

Fallujah’s probably not the best place to live in real life, regardless of season, let alone within a video game.  So for the purposes of this list, we kept all the cities and lands fictional. 

And when it comes to cities and lands, my realtor used to always extol the three oldest real estate clichés around: Location, Location… then a zombie bit his face off, but I’m assuming the third point was going to be Location. 

And if Location is the answer, then these places are asking all the wrong questions. 

Alternating between utter desolation and mutant infestation, these cities go from leaky, post-apocalyptic rusted metal hovels in which you’d be lucky to find so much as a matchbook to perfectly intact, well-supplied warehouses full of random weaponry, ammunition, and exploding barrels. 

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