Remember that time Harold Camping told everyone the world was supposed to end in May? Then again in October? Yeah...Harold Camping does too. And boy, is his face red.

Ten days after his third failed rapture prediction (once in 1994, twice this year), Camping took to his Family Radio website to apologize for scaring the shit out of like, the ten people that believed him. "We're living in a day when one problem follows another, and when it comes trying to recognize the truth of prophecy we're finding it very, very difficult," he said in an audio recording. "Why didn't Christ return on Oct. 21? It seems embarrassing for Family Radio, but God is in charge of everything."

He also apologized for saying that everyone who didn't believe his end-of-the-world prediction would not be saved, admitting he should not have said that. 

[Via NY Daily News]

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