Now that Twilight is pretty much over - the filming, anyway - the stars of the film franchise have the luxury of going on to new projects as they please. To broaden their hoirizons, try new things, take risks in their career - the possibilities are endless.

And for Nikki Reed, it may be...rapping. 

According to E! Online, Reed spoke about her musical endeavors at the Breaking Dawn premiere. "[Paul and I are] going back into the studio next week to record this really funny rap song that we have together," She said, referring to her husband, American Idol alum Paul McDonald. "I do harmony, rap harmony. We're discovering it as we speak. I'm not the lead rapper. I layer the rapping."

OK, color us, at the very least, mildly curious to see the outcome of this.

"I want to make the music video of that rap song," she continued. "We want to put it somewhere like FunnyorDie or something." Well, it is nice to have dreams.

[Via E! Online]