It’s a damn shame when a kid can’t even go to the deli without the fear of being robbed, but that’s just how real it is these days. This past weekend, a 13-year-old boy was robbed at gunpoint, right after he left Nick’s Deli in the Philly suburb of Yeadon. For his meatball sandwich.

Court documents show that a 21-year-old Philadelphia man threatened to shoot the kid if he moved, while his 22-year-old partner rifled through his pockets. After coming to the painful realization that the pockets of a kid who just entered his teens aren’t going to be deep, they snatched his meatball sandwich (street value of $5.50) and jumped into their getaway car.

They didn’t take his cell phone, which definitely cost over $5.50, so he used it to phone the police. The two robbers were quickly seized along with two other men in a car registered to the brilliant gun-wielder’s mother.

Between the four of them, couldn’t they have just pooled together some gas money and went to Atlantic City, or at least Dave & Buster’s? Only in Yeadon would something like this happen.

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