Think Coffee

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
Address: 248 Mercer St.
Perfect For: Getting work or studying done, and kicking it with NYU students

Think Coffee feels like being in an NYU student's mind. It's slighly cluttered, always busy but there is genius to be found there. Think Coffee has all of that, plus cold-brewed iced coffee, free Wi-Fi so even the invariably loud music and the eerie glow of 3 dozen laptops can't distract you from your purposes. Many papers have been born here, maybe you'll have similar luck creating your presentation.

And if you decide to scrap the whole work thing, get yourself a cafe con leche to perk up that Spanish fly and go chat up one of the hot undergrads. Sympatheize with sexy procrastinators and trade your latte for a cold beer and take delight in being that slightly creepy dude kicking it to freshman girls. And good news, the cafe is open to 11:30pm: Creep on, my man.