Blue Bottle Coffee

Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Address: 160 Berry St.
Perfect For: Mingling with fellow coffee nerds

Remember the beaker and flask riddled set of Bill Nye the Science Guy? That's what Blue Bottle's Williamsburg space looks like, a full-fledged laboratory. Sure, some non-discerning palette may have wandered in unknowingly, but the majority of the customers here are coffee connoisseurs who take their brew seriously, just like the baristas here do.

Five glass contraptions that resemble either a bong or a decanter (depending on your individual sensibilities) showcase their unique per-cup brewing methods, and an industrial slab of metal serves as the only table, a communal meeting place to trade bean preferences, and the only place you may ever seduce a woman with the words "individual drip." Just thinking about it makes us feel naughty and thirsty, all at once.