Dailin Pico Rodriguez thought she cold beat the system, and she failed miserably. Earlier this week, she was sentenced to 50 months behind bars for falsely accusing Miami Federal Detention Center officers of sexual assault. The truly damning piece of information is that she was already in the hot seat for lying.

Rodriguez was initially arrested in June 2009 for using someone else's identity to get a driver's license and apply for a passport. For that bonehead move, she received seven years in jail for identity theft, false statement and wire fraud. Still, Rodriguez thought she could get over on the system.

While awaiting trial, she claimed that two Miami FDC guards repeatedly sexually assaulted her, offering a pair of semen covered prison pants as evidence. To further solidify her claims, she also provided strands of hair that she said guards had ejaculated on. 

Apparently, Rodriguez was unaware of DNA tests, which traced the semen back to her boyfriend. The judge was so pissed off and disgusted that she slapped Rodriguez with an additional 50 months on top of her original sentence, bringing her final jail time tally to 12 years. By the way, was her boyfriend smuggling semen to her behind bars or-nevermind, we don't even wanna go there.

Semen on her clothes, egg on her face and plenty of time behind bars to think about where she fucked up.

[via The Miami New Times]

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