L.B. Williams went to drastic measures to save his marriage. We don’t mean marriage counseling, singing Boyz II Men or even pulling a Cusack. No, we mean orchestrating a hate crime.

First and foremost, Williams is a black man, while his wife Donna is white. Earlier this month, they returned home to find a gift in their driveway-a burning cross. Just days later, Donna discovered a note taped to their door, warning her not to leave “that n*****”, signed “KKK”. She was instantly curious as to why the Klan would support interracial marriages, as were the police.

Williams was questioned, eventually admitting to burning the cross and writing the note. He figured the power of the KKK would stop his wife from proceeding with the divorce, and he was dead wrong. She insists that Williams is “a good man,” but they just can’t work it out. In the meantime, Williams will have to work it out with the law, as he’s been charged with felony domestic violence stalking and exhibits that intimidate.

[via Panama City News Herald and Gawker]

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