Bonnie and Clyde here ran afoul of the law when Clyde, or Alexander Pratt, stole a Honda Civic so that he and Clara Pearson could have hot, criminal sex inside of it. It was a daring and romantic move, but the two didn't know that the vehicle belonged to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Apparently, plainclothes deputies from the auto theft division always park their Civic's in a similar spot. The cars are left running, and come decked out with GPS, audio and video surveillance gear. That's exactly why the two didn't get far before police stopped them. Both were taken into custody and charged with grand theft auto, and Pratt said he knew the car was stolen, but needed to get it in with Pearson that badly.

Look at them, do they look like they care? Love, or lust, will make you break the law with no remorse.

[via Gawker and The Palm Beach Post]

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