When Charlie Rose visited the Facebook headquarters earleir this month, he asked Mark Zuckerberg and the company's COO, Sheryl Sandberg, straight up if the world's largest social network had plans to release its own smartphone. Both said no. According to All Things D, that wasn't true at all. 

Liz Gannes from All Things D today reported that Facebook is working on its own smartphone with HTC. The phone is currently codenamed "Buffy" and will run a version of Android modified to allow for deeper Facebook integration and greater use of HTML 5. 

Facebook and HTC paired up earlier this year on the Status, an inexpensive BlackBerry-esque smartphone with a "Facebook" button on the bottom right of the phone which allow people to instantly post messages and images to the social network. "Buffy" will see the two companies truly collaborate on a handset. 

Head over to All Things D to learn more about the upcoming phone. 

[via All Things D