On Friday night, three Occupy D.C. protesters were injured after being struck by a car during a protest. No charges will be filed, to the ire of protesters and witnesses, because the driver apparently had a green light.

Protesters had gathered near the Convention Center, and were blocking the streets when the incident occurred. Police claim that some witnesses told them that the protesters jumped in front of the car, and police determined that protesters were in the wrong for blocking the roadway.

Occupy D.C. told a different story in an official statement, which pretty much says that some prick in a Lexus barreled through a line of protesters, sending one woman into the air before turning the corner and driving through more protesters. The injured protesters were taken to different hospitals and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The video below was filmed right after the incident took place, and shows the crowd's reaction as the driver is released. First, someone in a Benz hits protesters in Oakland; now a Lexus hits some in DC. How long before a Beamer mows down protesters in one of the various cities?

[via DCist]

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