Fall is always bittersweet for me. Sweet in consideration of rocking your fly new "stay warm" gear and seasonal kicks, and bitter because for skinny dudes like me, that morning breeze sneaking up the back of your t-shirt is not a good look at all. 

But one thing that remains consistent through the seasons is the fact that music calms the savage beast, and frequent flyer miles attained through calming savages for a living is a hell of a drug. So we keep pushing on, looking for the perfect beat, trying to make people's weeks better, and attempting to raise the bar on what it is to be consistent and growing as an artist. 

In Week 19 of this column, I feel good about the idea that myself and my fellow selectors are out there sedating savagery by the week, by the venue, and by the city. It's difficult to quantify your impact now that the definition of impact has been so drastically changed by the media, but the firm handshakes, thank yous, full dance floors, and social network fallout of our calming efforts ring aloud worldwide, daily. So, long live the working class DJ. We fix more mindsets than church or prison, without a doubt. 

Rock on fam…